Top Classic Online Slots to Play

Classic Online Slots

The world of online slots is an exciting one. Among all the multi-reel games with exciting bonus rounds and mini games, you will still find some classic online slots. Many players prefer the good old one-armed bandit type machines. The good news is that there are plenty of these among the free online classic slots games. They are available to play at many different online casinos.

What makes a slot machine a classic? 

free online classic slots gamesNot all online slot machines are classics. There are certain criteria they need to fulfil. There are no online slots which are more than twenty years old or so. That is a small window of opportunity in which to become classic. Classic doesn’t just have to do with a game’s age, it can also be about its style. 

Classic online slots are typically those which resemble slot machines from the old days, such as one armed bandits. You won’t find bonus rounds, extra spins, mini games, or a complicated pattern of paylines when playing classic online slots. It’s all about simplicity and there are generally only three reels and one payline on a classic slot machine. 

You’ll also see some familiar symbols. Bars, 7s, and fruit are the main symbols you’ll see when playing classic online slots. Although, there are often different and new symbols, depending on the theme of the game. It’s all about the nostalgia and these games can be just as exciting as those with complicated playing rules and exceptional graphics.

Up to £100 Bonus
& 200 SpinsT & C Apply

The best classic online slots 

There are a great number of free online classic slots games and equally many which can be played for real money. Games such as Rodeo Kings, Funky Monkey, and 7 Oceans are all great examples of classic slots with three reels and there are many more. 

Some are slightly more complicated. However, they are still deemed to be classic. Why? Because they have more in common with the olden days’ machines than modern 3D slots. 

slots classicSome classic online slots have additional paylines. There any three in a row, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally and in both directions, gives you a win. There is a great deal of excitement to be had when playing classic online slots. 

Check the classic online slots section at your favourite online casino for more games. 

Where to play classic online slots 

Classic online slots can be played at most online casinos. Any website which offers a decent collection of slot machines will have some classic online slots among its ranks. Some offer more than others. There are even websites and casinos dedicated entirely to classic online slots. 

If you want to start playing classic slot machines, there are many online casinos which offer you the chance to play free online classic slots games. This can be done in demo mode. There is often no obligation to register with a casino before trying out these exciting games.