3D Slots Keep On Getting Better Every Day

3D Slots

Slot machines are the main revenue earner for every single online casino and gambling site. Thanks to 3D slots it is a very exciting way to gamble and a much more entertaining way to spend your time than playing one armed bandit style games. There are many free 3D slots online from which to choose. You can play them for real money too. We take a look at how the world of 3D slots is constantly improving. 

The evolution of 3D slots 

Before internet casinos existed, there were video slots which could be found in real life casinos. These transferred well to the online versions which were found at casinos at the turn of the century. But technology moves fast, and great strides were made in this form of gambling entertainment.

3D slots took the existing parameters of slot machine playing and expanded upon them. For example, most slot machines only had three reels in the beginning. Yet, 3D slot expanded that to five. There are more in some case, but five is now seen as the standard. 

free 3d slots onlineThe number of paylines increased too. Previously there was one horizontal line in the middle of the reels. And, occasionally additional horizontal lines and even those on the two diagonals. This changed to included zig zags, right to left paylines and some with very bizarre patterns indeed. A lot of 3D slots have five or more paylines with the highest number in general use a massive 243. The payline patterns can be viewed in the information section of each 3D slot game.

There was also the addition of excellent graphics, mini games, and bonus rounds. They make gameplay feel like watching a cartoon or playing a very high-quality videogame. 

How and where to play 3D slots online 

To play any of the 3D slots games which are currently available you simply log in to a casino and choose the game you wish to play. You then choose how much you wish to bet and hit the ‘start’ button. 

There are wins for three or more identical symbols on the same payline. You can be helped along by wilds which replace most other symbols to create winning combinations. Some 3D slots have scatter symbols which can unlock bonus rounds, mini games, or even jackpots. 

3D Slots mobileThere is a lot of entertainment to be had when playing 3D slots. It is recommended you familiarise yourself with the rules before playing. 3D slots can be played at pretty much any online casino which offers slots among its casino games. 

Free 3D slots online 

An excellent way to learn more about a particular game is to play free 3D slots online. You can play free demo versions at most online casinos with virtual money without any obligation to register with them. 

Playing slots for free is a great way to hone your skills and find your favourite slot machine before you start to play with real money.