5 Live Online Roulette Mistakes We Make

Live Online Roulette

If you’ve ever played at a live casino online then you’ll be familiar with live online roulette and if you haven’t played it, then why not? It is the absolute best way to enjoy roulette from the comfort of your own home, but are you playing it the right way? Some players definitely aren’t and their live online roulette UK experience suffers because of it. Watch out for these five mistakes players regularly make and start enjoying more profitable live online roulette sessions.

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Avoid the single numbers in live online roulette

Odds of 35/1 might seem pretty tempting, but it means you’ll lose 34 more times than you’ll win, statistically. Live online roulette has plenty of other betting options. They might have smaller odds, but they’re much more likely to win you money.

Don’t change your mind 

If you’re playing any kind of system, for example betting on the outside bets of red or black, be consistent. You should never start betting on red if you’ve been betting on black all along. Especially, if you’ve been on a long losing streak. Streaks end and the tide will normally turn.

online live roulette numbers

Look out for clues 

Live online roulette is better than the videogame version for many reasons. One of these is spotting a dealer’s signature. Look at the last ten results in the game. Is there a pattern? Perhaps the same number came out on more than one occasion or numbers from a certain area of the wheel seem to be favoured. If this is the case, you might have discovered the dealer has a signature. You can then bet on numbers in that area of the wheel to gain an edge.

Know your limits 

live online roulette ukYou might decide to bet on the outside bet and double up after a loss. This is a system used by many gamblers and can reap huge rewards. Be aware though that stakes can suddenly increase rapidly when doubling up and the table limit might not allow you to keep doing so. Always check table limits before you start to play, particularly when employing the doubling up system. 

Take a break 

Live online roulette is without a doubt the best way to experience roulette anywhere online. Don’t let the excitement get too much for you though. It’s easy to get caught up in it, but you should remember to take regular breaks. This will fight against fatigue and allow your eyes to rest from looking at the screen. It will also stop you making rash decisions when gambling on live online roulette UK games.

With this knowledge about how not to play live online roulette, you will make sure you don’t fall into the same traps as many other layers. Don’t forget that casino games should remain just a form of entertainment. Remember these tips and your live online roulette experience will be much improved.

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