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myVEGAS slots free chips

Play every day.

This is a piece of simple advice that everyone will understand. That’s why I just loved MyVegas free chips cheat Guide by It’s packed with simple advice. And, when you think about it, what’s the point of overcomplicating things?


So, make sure you check out their guide. Personally, I found it when I was struggling with the app. So much so, that I was actually on a verge of quitting. Just by following the tips, I got back my bankroll and started growing.

Here’s the best part. I’m planning my first Las Vegas trip and I already have enough points for a free dinner. We’ll see. I think I can do better. And so, can you.

Here’s what you should do.

1. Interact

MyVegas Slots QuestsMyVegas is a social slot room. Act like it and you’ll be surprised by all the benefits that will come your way. Your inbox will always be filled with free coin gifts, ranking high on team tournaments will become a breeze, while connecting your account to Facebook will get you instant 100,000 free coins.

2. Use Journeys and Quests

While both are found on different parts of the MyVegas app, essentially, they are the same. Though, two of three Journeys are locked when you first start. The second is unlocked at level 10, the third – level 16.

3. Look at Bonuses as your Duty

When you are meeting your parents-in-law, or are going on a job interview, you don’t want to be late. You plan in advance. That’s what you should be doing here.

There are a lot of coins at stake here. Returning for consecutive days will earn you big multipliers both on Loyalty point and in-game coins. While maximizing your bonus earnings will help you make sure you never run out of casino coins.

4. Check out the gifts

myVEGAS Slots bonusOnce in a while, open up the page of one of the casinos that are available in app and check out their rewards. Spend some time imagining what it would be like to visit Las Vegas and use those gifts.

It sounds corny, but it certainly worked for me. Every time I visited the site, I felt the spark in my soul. It felt real. It felt like something I can achieve. And I did.

5. You may need to buy coins

If you are serious about earning a Las Vegas reward, you may need to buy some coins. But in this scenario, you can actually look at it as an investment. If you spend $5 on coins, which in turn will help you get a $50 meal, you saved $45 with that purchase.

But, please keep in mind, that these calculations are purely theoretical. You should check what prizes are available and evaluate how many coins you would need to reach that goal.