New vs Old: Ikibu or 888casino

Ikibu or 888casino

Sometimes, a good casino is just that. A good casino. Or any other company that stays true to its purpose, for that matter. But there are times when you don’t know which way you should go and what to pick.

Should you lean towards experienced casinos, that have been around for 20+ years? Or trust a new casino once in a while to surprise you?

We can’t tell you where to play. But we can show you what to look for. For this reason, we have one 20-year old casino (888casino) and another brand new (Ikibu).

What to Expect from Old Casinos

When you join a casino that has been online for as long as 888casino, you can be sure of one thing. You get quality service.

On the other hand, it will be a very traditional experience. We have been working with casinos for a while and it’s astounding how little they change over time.

888casino has had its $88 no deposit bonus for almost a decade. And it’s still here. As opposed to new casinos, that are forced to experiment to gain players.

Ikibu – New Casino Adventure

Ikibu slotsIf you are a new, small casino among the big whales, you have a big task. Several, actually. You must learn how to leverage attractive offers but still grow as a profitable business.

That’s why you see lots of experiments. For instance, Ikibu knew that entering the market as yet another casino will probably detrimental. So, they’ve built a whole adventure map for its players.

Rewards and bonuses

At old casinos, you can expect to see industry-standard bonuses. Maybe $200 for new players, $1,500 for VIP players, a rewards program, standard wagering, etc.

At the new casinos, you are much more likely to find some wild bonuses like no-wagering free spins. But the opposite is true, as well.

As a new business, these kinds of casinos can’t make big giveaways. So, for every bombastic offer at a new casino, you can expect to see one that is even more rigid than the industry standard.

Both Ikibu and 888casino are great casinos but in very different ways.

If you have your favorite developer, and a favorite slot, and maybe a favorite day to play, then you may be better off sticking with old, trusty casino like 888casino.

If you ever feel like trying something new, go for a new casino like Ikibu. Who knows, it may surprise you.