DoubleU Casino – Free Coins for You and Your Friends

DoubleU Casino free coins

Gather ten random mobile casinos and take a good look. What do you see?

My guess is, you’ll see ten casinos that are practically identical.

Some of that we can count as casinos following the industry’s best practices. But not all of it. A big chunk of why these casinos are so similar is because the developer is too lazy to create something unique.

Which brings us to DoubleU Casino.

I think it’s fair to say that the app had a rocky start, but seemingly more and more people find DoubleU on the app stores. That’s great news. DoubleU fully deserve the recognition.

Stand Out Casino – DoubleU

First, there’s the general feel you get when you use the app. You’ll see the same strategies that most casinos use, but also some things that are completely opposite.

For example, you get a large influx of coins on your first day. Spin the Welcome Jackpot wheel, connect your Facebook account, claim a couple of hourly bonuses.

DoubleUDoubleU won’t force you to grind the same three slots until you level up and unlock new slots. It’s not like that at all. If there is a game at DoubleU, you can play it on your first day.

But that’s easily noticeable even for beginners. You want some insight from a seasoned pro? DoubleU stake levels on different games are much more player-friendly than almost anywhere I’ve seen.

Besides, there are rewards. Many, many rewards.

Get Rewarded – DoubleU Casino VIP Club

While most casinos stop at Facebook bonuses, and daily jackpot wheel spins, DoubleU has gone much further.

As a player, you’ll see how they have managed to build the rewards system around the community. Not only connecting to your Facebook friends for some free coins, but also entering leagues and tournaments that reward millions of coins for the whole team.

This goes further.

Every player becomes a VIP when they join and can go up the ranks to get more perks and benefits. Reaching the higher VIP levels is not easy, which is a standard practice for casinos. They are, after all, businesses.

However, what is unique is the ability to help your friends in a quest for a higher VIP level. It’s done through various games and tournaments. As far as I know, it’s the only casino that does that.