Best Slots with a Deep Story

best slots story

You may say that every slot has a story. True.

But most often it’s a shallow story that works as a filler. Look at Gonzo’s Quest. A fantastic slot from NetEnt. Unique features, but a lazy story, which can be summarized by ‘A man is looking for a treasure in a jungle’.

There are better stories than that. Here, I’ll show you.


Dracula netent slotNetEnt has created something very special with this slot. When you first launch the game, all you see is an angry vampire, sitting and fiercely looking at you.

Then, spin by spin, you find out his tragic love story.

Props to the developers because the story wouldn’t be as immersive if the machine graphics wasn’t stunning. And it is.

It’s worth noting that NetEnt also made it an unusual slot. While there are five reels, there are not three but four rows. Which makes it a 40-payline slot.

It’s a slot that beginners should be cautious with. Despite its good RTP rating (96.6 percent), the variance is high on the Dracula slot.

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance slotLike the Dracula slot, the slot has a dark themed circling around vampires, blood and love. Though, in this case it’s more of a love square rather than a triangle.

The story revolves around 4 young people – Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah (by the way, each of them has their own unique bonus game benefits).

What’s really interesting is that you reveal the whole story little by little. You actually start the slot knowing nothing except that there are 4 people involved in some kind of intrigue.

Immortal Romance was developed and released by Microgaming and offers a superb RTP (96,8 percent).


It’s the first action shooter slot that I have ever played. And it will make you feel all sorts of emotions.

Through the clever use of lighting, sounds, graphics, and a couple of jump-scares, Alien slot machine manages to pull off a big stunt.

Often, you forget that it’s a video slot and actually feel like Alien bugs have infested your spaceship.

And as an additional bonus, the slot has relatively low limit access (only 0.15 per spin) and a decent RTP (96.4 percent).

Have you played any of these slots?

If you have, let me know about your experiences. Maybe there are other slots with deep, immersive stories that you have tried? Please don’t hesitate to share.